I’ve finally set up a blog, something I’ve been meaning to do for about 4 months! Over the next few weeks I’ll start writing all the posts I’ve had ideas for over the last few weeks and months and actually put them up here, so watch this space!

In the meantime, a little about me: I’m currently studying for a degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of York, going in to what should be my third, and penultimate year, however I’m taking a year out at the moment to do an Industrial Placement with Renesas Electronics Europe through the UK Electronic Skills Foundation scholarship scheme. In my free time I’m also a techie at York Student Television where I do hardware/software development and maintenance on various bits of broadcast equipment, although more in a supporting role this year since I’m “in exile” as it were.

It goes without saying that everything written on here represents my own opinions, not those of my employer, York Student Telelvision nor anyone else I am related to.

Find me on LinkedIn as Sam Nicholson and on twitter as @samdnic

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